Taxi Sam in Gambia

Taxi Sam in Gambia


Welcome to the website of Sam Taxi!

By far the best way to let you carry in Gambia is by taxi.
Upon arrival you will find many taxis, but not all taxis in
Gambia are equally reliable. This website is an initiative of
Sam (living in Gambia) with a little help from the Netherlands.

There are 2 major roads in Gambia: the paved road on the south side
of the river and the unpaved road on the north shore. The total
road network covers approximately 2800 kilometers of which about
1000 kilometers are paved. In many places the road is now in progress.

Gambia has no rail network. There are official buses (GPTC) between
the various places, but they are often overcrowded! You can not drive
themselves because of the poor quality of roads and traffic rules are
not clear. In addition, there are hardly any road signs and across Gambia
is only 1 traffic light.

What is beginning to pull out is bicycle and moped rental. Only the most
Gambian drivers do not know what traffic rules they must use in relation
to cyclists and moped riders and so this is not without risk.

Look in the menu under taxi Sam for more information about this good
and reliable taxi(driver).

See you in Gambia by taxi Sam!